Hi all, from the devs. I'm glad to see you made it here to the ConcreteGames chat!
Please be nice to your anonymous friends and keep this chat a fun and nice enviroment for everyone. This was made for multiple reasons that are listed below.

Commonly asked Questions

How do I Send a Message?

To send a message, you simply type your message in the text box below, and then click send/enter.

How do I Read a Message?

To read a message, click a message to decrypt it. You have to have the same encryption key that it was sent with though!

How do I change my username?

Enter your username in the username box.

How do I change the encryption key?

To change your encryption key, you need to visit the are below that is called encryption. See the text box? Add any encryption key you want, and be sure to share it with your friends so they can see your messages too!




Mute Disabled


Hide Enabled


Single Encryption
Double Encryption
Triple Encryption

You see:


Others see: