What is this website

This website will help you with lots of different games and give you tips and tricks with in the game you choose and remember this website so far is incomplete so if you have any games you want me to add just tell.

Why did I want to make this website.

Well it started off as my brother needing help in Zelda Breath of The Wild and he kept anoying me about it. Well luckily my coding class teacher said hey guys we are going to make a webstie (with html) any way so yeah that was how it started.

Making the website

Well first it started off as just the Zelda Breath of The Wild page then I decided hey what if I added some other games to and made it not just Zelda Breath of The WIld.

Thank You

This was the first website I ever made so if you are using this it means alot to me and if you have anymore games I should add just use my email. Also the first version had over 200 lines of code.